the main blog title (in the subject header) is a translated and truncated Ghanaian proverb or saying of a clan I’m unsure of yet. I feel it’s quite apt as my first universal blog title as it seems to describe myself quite well. The translated language is into English, my main language. The truncation illustrates a wider point when it comes to being a Global African (more on this term in another post) nowadays in that so much of our existence, space and meaning has to be shaped, shaved or discarded to enable us to fit into a pre-defined space. In this case it was the amount of characters that were able to be seen up there lol. I am and consider myself a Ghanaian and proverbs are (as Proverbs Chapter 1:6 says) “the sayings and riddles of the wise”


why should you read, pay attention or check for this blog?

well as the cliché says ‘the choice is yours’ but what I can offer here is UK music news probably mainly from the UK Black music scene (as I am involved within it) but also from other segments of UK music, music news in general, videos, opinion, breaking news, social and political opinion, thoughts, observations, tech news, thoughts on fashion and many other things that may pop into my head lol

I am still quite new to the net, interacting with it and learning about it so this will be a learning experience. For instance, I still do not know how to do weblinks within a word but all these will come with time so hopefully you will see my tech skills grow (as well as other things) and this blog (including this post) might not stay the same for long

finally the tagline for this blog is meant to “explain what this blog is about”. The reason I chose those words is that I will try my best to adhere to them here. Every post will try to reflect those principles in some way. I did not come here to lie, to mislead or defame anybody for no reason and in some ways I expect to run into problems or upset some people with what I may write here but for that I can only apologise beforehand but my actual real name is part of this web address and I can not disgrace my name. Doing so would not only shame myself but my family, people, the ancestors and God all whom without which I would not exist. Some may directly recognise these words from being part of Kwanzaa or the Kemetic culture of Maat

right…I’m going to continue perfecting the current look of this place so stay tuned or…reading lol. Subscribe, bookmark, RSS and whatever else is able to be done to stay locked…if you want obviously lol

The Almighty’s Blessings


p.s as much as people seem to be wanting to upload about their entire lives etc on the web in the forms of Twitter, blogs, v-logs and stuff…I’m gonna keep a little bit of space if you don’t mind? Why? Well…I respect privacy. Simple


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