I’m not necessarily a fan of the BBC but I do listen to 1Xtra, BBC London 94.9 and the World Service. lol I may have just contradicted myself there. There were two interesting programmes back to back today. The first is one I can’t find on the BBC website but the 2nd is regarding stem cells and is only 26 mins…lets say half an hour. Usually when I go to someone’s blog and it isn’t a video I have to say I rarely listen to it but this programme is interesting – trust me

click here (it’s an Iplayer console link so non UK readers sorry)

I doubt I’ll be able to check back for the other two parts but I heard enough. What I’m interested to find out is the militaristic aspect of this scientific breakthrough. Obviously that is not going to be good lol (the lol is added for sarcasm – I’m not sure how to type that out)

the programme before this one was called…actually I found it

click here (it’s a mp3 file so you can right click and save it to your drive)

entitled Anatomy of a Car Crash this was very moving to listen to. I think about death and suffering a lot when considering things such as how many of my people are in needless situations daily but loss of life is loss of life…right? check it out. You should be giving thanks for your life soon after

eyes open

The Almighty’s Blessings



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