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at around 21:20 GMT the current President of the United States Barack Obama and family landed at Kotaka Airport in Accra, Ghana for a quick day visit. it took some time for him to leave the plane leaving our current President John Atta Mills and family catching fresh air but it was all the usual smiles and handshakes when needed

a long line of guests, chiefs and diplomats greeted him and funnily enough he seemed to get a bit tired by the end of it

another humorous observation was that the eldest daughter of Obama (name escapes me (oh I just was told her name is Malia) seemed to be the one who delayed them from getting out of the plane…youngsters

ok down to the important things…what is he actually here for? I mean its all well and good that yes this is the first African-American president and yes he’s in Ghana…but here we know of the planned AFRICOM proposals, we know that the US wants alternative sources of oil (which we have discovered) and besides all that……we know politics. Well ‘we’ is quite flexible as the American flags in taxis, Obama merchandise (even an Obama cloth!) and the many TV and Radio pundits illustrate the fertile ground for US support regardless of the policies and points. after all he’s Black right? lol

it’s been interesting to read in the newspapers and see on local website etc other issues that have been stirred up by the first sub-Saharan visit of the new US administration. The reparations movement has found a new voice. Local chiefs argue as to why should Cape Coast receive a presidential visit and of course fellow neighbours Nigeria and Kenya have expressed distaste as to why they have not received favour

still anticipation is in the air, I can hear churches praying for him and its a momentous occasion regardless. check back on this blog throughout the weeked for more info and comments

The Almighty’s Blessings


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