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so…22 hours later and it’s all over: The Obama’s have left Ghana. they said it wouldn’t be more than a day and they were right


the airborne security detail was out preparing the way for the return to Kotoka Airport. I tried to catch Obama’s helicopter as it passed over our house (and was hella loud) but was way too slow


the 48th Engineer Regiment came out in ceremonial dress


the crowd was also out in force


Mills and his wife returned in style having changed


The Beast arrives


The First Family. I do not know who decided upon Sasha’s outfit but…come on…you’re in Africa…Ghana even. couldn’t staff have gone to Osu and got a 5 Cedi dress?


the big men ready for the final speech


final words from Mills were gracious and thankful to Obama for the visit


as before Barack mentioned that we have “not only shared interests but shared ideals”, made reference to the youthful population of Ghana (more than 50%), gave thanks to Mills and credited the Peace Corps who really made a lot of noise


both the address to Parliament and this final speech made repeated reference to Martin Luther King‘s visit when he saw our country exchanging hands and returned to the US inspired and invigorated


it still amazes me how the American National Anthem can get played…with such pride or even how Obama stands with such belief in it but its a personal decision everyone has to make on matters like these


now…normal daily life must resume but judging by the amount of people still at the airport even when Air Force One had gone into the nights sky I don’t think things are going to be same for some time


The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s I’m getting used to this client…can you tell lol?


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