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  1. The Reason Obama is Visiting Ghana is Tourism For Wife and Children!

    For President Obama so love the Black race that he has chosen to stop over in Ghana on a Saturday after his second European official tour!
    Is this still the Black president the world clamoured for?
    Has President Obama duped the Black race by using his Blackness to win the presidency?
    I know some sentiment blinded Black commentators would quickly challenge any questioning of Obama’s Black and or African honesty with such excuses like “he was not elected for Africa or for Black people”.
    Yea! We all know he was elected for America, but we also know that his Blackness/Africanness made him President and as such he is a historic opportunity for the Black race to take control of our destiny! We equally know that beside the fact that America is the chief of the world that Black African people and governments, perhaps, out of our “inferiority” have always depended on the white world and America in particular for approvals and directions.
    We of course know that President George Bush, President Clinton and most previous White Presidents all professed special interests in saving our backward lands and people of Black Africa.
    If White Presidents of America showed so much care about us, what excuse can anyone possibly proffer to explain why President Obama, the so-called first Black president of the most powerful country and the De facto President of the world, must not bear the highest responsibility as a Black man for the development of Black Africa and the Black race? We must not accept the stereotype that once a Black man takes charge like becomes harder for Black people!

    I repeatedly told my friends that the main reason President Obama is visiting Ghana is because of Slave Trade sites which his wife and children would like to tour and nothing to do with any thing really official!
    It was really not hard to think out this fact because I know that some African Americans and Caribbeans flood Ghana because of its developed slave trade tourist attraction. Now, I have read a brief of his itinerary and it says exactly the same thing.
    Obama’s spin doctors as an afterthought are now pretending that he chose Ghana because of good governance. We all know that Ghana has no better democratic credentials than any of Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi and Botswana.
    I fear that our Black president would become yet another fake Black victory!!
    I cannot have anything personal against President Obama. I am only deeply concerned about the Black race and I wholeheartedly pray that enlightened prominent Black men and women who have access to President Obama could let him know that it will be a curse on the Black race, if after his presidency, there is no sign of a Singapore or Malaysia emerging out of Black Africa!

    What Black Africa needs is not part of the US budget as some genuinely concerned but misguided White celebrities and others always think. Money is actually more of our curse than a solution to our problem.
    What we need from President Obama is leadership. If Prime Minister Tony Blair, a White man was thoughtful enough to set up an African Commission which expectedly failed to achieve any thing because outsiders could not see much of the problems, President Obama, a Black man surely has no excuse not to set up a think thank or any forum to lead discussions for the development of Black Africa and the Black race.
    There is no way history will forgive President Obama if he fails to pay the highest dues as a Black man towards the devlopment of African Americans and the Black race. It will not cost one American cent for a visionary President Obama to leave a legacy that would see the emergence of successful societies out of Black Africa.It will only require his genuine interest and right people around him. It is even a project he could delegate to his wife.
    President Obama needs to understand that the Black race is at a real risk of being enslaved again in no distant future. Obama need to understand that the future of the Black race lies in a successful Black Africa!

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