can't wait

can’t wait…

TD, GF, MF and B on business

TD, GF, MF and B on business

as a writer…upon first meeting Terror, at the time of doing ‘a day in the life of’ on him (with Magnum Force, D.O.K, the then affliated Gemma Fox and a just re-starting Badness in tow), his smile, enthusiasm, knowledge and ease with himself and others around him made me mark him out as someone to remember…possibly know and to always look out for in this treacherous industry

on the other hand as a fan it was also an experience to be remembered as it was one of the few times…in fact the only time I have been around one of the few musicians I personally regard as a Genius (more on this in future posts)

so its with some happiness that his greatest hits collection entitled Gremlinz is to be released on the influential Planet Mu label on the 28th September 2009. for a long, long time it has felt that Terror Danjah‘s productions or influence (in terms of mixdowns, melodies, audience potential etc) has been overlooked, forgotten or just borrrowed without the necessary acclaim. this release posesses the promise to put some of this right. his abilities as an adept remixer not just in reshaping existing beats but reconfiguring them is there to hear in the Frontline or Poltergeist remixes but for me best summed up in the madness of Skepta‘s D.T.I remix whose original fast paced clap and white noise blend is tailored into a steady, delay driven powerhouse with GROOVE and that 03 soundset of horn stabs, drifting strings and SUB just straight pummeling you. then there’s the ones that got away such as Green Street, Stiff and Planet Shock

as a CD, digital and TRIPLE PACK vinyl release this is a BIG deal and one of the releases of the year already

the Industry Standard 4 single preceding this is also a pause for praise as it provides underground Grime/nukg vinyl addicts with their necessary fix plus the title once again revitalises one of the more special lineages (apologies if this is not a word) of releases within the UK underground adding 4 tracks worthy of such. Stealth Mode (once known as Red Alert) could lazily be termed a Dubstep track but has an energy missing from most of that genre’s output and Sidechain‘s pumping chorus, odd fairground melodies and get on the dancefloor vibe has the power to f*** up a rave and its PA system – Night Slugs 9 is testament to that (big up to dot-alt.blogspot for the link)

still…there are issues with the tracklisting. why no Sneak Attack? no Jellybean? Pina Colada? Radar instead of Sonar? where are the R&G moments such as With You? Cock Back?! no CREEPY CRAWLER!?!? are these being saved for future Zipfiles releases which act as retrospectives and a look ahead into the beat science of Danj or were there other issues perhaps regarding lost masters, publishing rights or A&R overseeing the project? as always one can only wonder…

one thing is certain though – the neigbours are definitely going to hate me now

neonlike (this was the title of the picture from where I copied it from)

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s click here for one of the best blogs on so-called Grime music (Butterz). featured this week is a radio set featuring Terror Danjah and Alien Musik representer Rude Kid showcasing exclusives, discussing the industry and more pre-Gremlinz hype. it’s a good show so click here for the link and tracklisting is in the blog

p.p.s click here also for the unofficial Busta Rhymes (ft. T-Pain, Mz. Bratt & Badness) Hustler’s Anthem remix handed out on his Twitter feed for gratis

p.p.p.s and if that wasn’t enough the tracklisting for the next installment of Hardrive has been posted up by the man himself on Grime Forum. now sub-titled as ‘The Definitive Grime Compilation’ it’s actually monstrous and begs the question..just how much money is going to be needed to purchase all the Terror Danjah releases in 2009?


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