you seen it?

“we were sitting…”

probably the digital cover to the single (released Sept 14th)

probably the digital cover to the single (released Sept 14th)

one of my favourite and most played tracks off the last/latest Coldplay studio album has finally got a video. finally is actually a strange choice of word as the track (Strawberry Swing) is not really single material but yet felt like a video was missing from…itself

it features Chris Martin as a superhero, waking from bed ordinarily then transforming and embarking on a adventure to rescue his or a damsel in distress. the main amazement with this video is not the plot but the way it is shot with a flat floor being transformed into 3D space complete with attacking squirrels, walking skulls and submerged cats – how long must it have taken? he should prepare himself for some inevitable flak as him…being portrayed as a superhero? it will not be universally liked

Shynola is the artist group responsible for this clip (wow – never knew they were Londoners) and hats off to them. they’ve been responsible in the past for such work as Radiohead‘s Pyramid Song and Beck‘s E-Pro (thanks to for that info) so they have a pedigree for this sort of good work

a few cries of unoriginality are already echoing out regarding the direction, style and take of the video but it doesn’t take away from its strength imo

click here for further information on the track’s release (its going to be shown in UK cinema’s before films The Proposal and Bruno?!) and some stills. above is a nice one nicked from that site lol  – it might be used as wallpaper

The Almighty’s Blessings


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