7 days in sound

7 days in sound…

monday – bloody hell. its the start of the week. how we gonna get through this one? 3rd Wave by 2562 definitely does the trick today. first heard on the aural hypnosis that was Bristolian DJ and producer Peverelist‘s set at South London’s Corsica Studio’s for London vinyl emporium Phonica’s 5th Birthday and anticipated ever since this on/off 4/4 stepper lights up eardrums, faces and hearts. especially on a packed Tube. love it

tuesday – this might aswell be flippin’ monday. anyhow maybe The Rolling People (Live at Haigh Hall) by The Verve will do the trick. is it the hilarity of the cursing in the intro? is it the channelled blast of noise that Nick McCabe suddenly conjures? is it the visual of Richard Ashcroft first being seemingly knocked over by the wall of sound but then quickly realising that his band are THE guys? is it the childhood memories? maybe its all of them

wednesday – ok halfway. yet it feels like no progress is being made. time for I Swear by N Dubz. being the first track personally heard from the then independent-but-still-causing-a-major-stir Camden trio this brings about good memories. the combination of a simple yet timeless narrative, flows (“she wanted me to herself she didn’t want nobody else”…”I caught her kissing some other guy underneath the bridge!”), Fazer‘s production plus the added slightly amateur feel actually make this a classic. yes you read correctly

thursday – aah nearly there. it still seems slightly suicidal to look at a week like this but what does that matter when What The F*** You Looking At? by Skream is assualting you. there should be a more detailed description highlighting Skream‘s immense ability to pull so many different creations out of the tophat, the way in which it really does seem physically impossible to DJ around the world, have a radio show and still produce around 50 tunes a week or even how he is already a legend before he hits 30 but…………………………………………………………HAVE IT!!! lol

friday – aah the end of the scheduled working week for the serfs. what awaits? the promise of a sunny weekend in the park or meeting friends and people you hate perhaps? time Strawberry Swing by Coldplay (again lol). listen to the song. look below at the video. JUST LISTEN…………and watch. quite simple

saturday – its the weekend (or week…day if you prefer)! it’s got to be….nah there’s too much time to be spent listening to tunes…

sunday – dammit. NO – are we here already?! surely its time to make a 3 day weekend? you know what? for that…………Guns Are Drawn (by The Roots. apologies its not a full version)


The Almighty’s Blessings


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