7 days in sound

7 days in sound

mondayRadar freestyle by DEVelopment. the first line is hilarious, the Birmingham twangs is as affable as always and subsequent ‘lines’ (see what I did there lol?) just linger in the brain. plus the beat is obviously great

tuesdayChannel One by 2562. again he pops up lol. mainly its the nagging simplicity of the main synth, the spacious wash of the synth pads and the quiet surge of the 4/4 drum pattern near the end that again does the trick

wednesdayMiscommunication by Delta Goodrem. to be Tori Amos lite is not so much a put down as a credit…well actually it depends on the way you look at it. taken from Mistaken Identity this track lays on the vocal delay thick in the verses and has quiet a surprising ending. in the middle is one hell of a song too

thursdayMary Anne Hobbs‘ vs’ against Zane Lowe on the UK‘s own Radio One was vicious. he never stood a chance really. MAH came out swinging and p-r-epared. young Bristolian Gemmy‘s Rainbow Road (1:27 into the clip) was unleashed and made me realise that Purple Wow Sound were not lying when they spoke of listening to computer game soundtracks as a learning curve. melodies to die for, rimshots, modulation, pitch bending…crikey

friday – sunshine! but its always time for Change (in the house of flies) by Deftones. is this really about deflowering a virgin?

saturday – decent weather! no time for music

sunday – today a decision was made to bring back the old Myspace account while also trying to assess its usefulness or marketplace position. then I decided to check in on Flying LotusMyspace player and all questions became null

and void

The Almighty’s Blessings


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