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Rebel Muzic is a monthly live showcase situated in Ladbroke Grove, West London at venue Inn On The Green which is just 3 minutes away from the Hammersmith and City Line station. I was invited to this event by Segge Dan, one half of UK rhymesmiths Black Britanyaa who you might know of from the powerful song Libation ft. UK soul legend Omar

hosted by Mohammed Yayha and Poetic Pilgrimage it features entertainment and music with a message. the hosts and majority of performers are Muslim

a small part of the bar area at Inn On The Green, West London doors opened at 7pm while the event started at 7:30. though my arrival was at 8:30pm lol there was still enough time for me to look around. like most places in London the standard and stodgy exterior hides a surprisingly clean, spacious and friendly interior. the sounds of Djembe drums being played on the balcony mixed with Hip Hop sonics coming from the live room and a Woodstock DVD being played on the flatscreen LCD. punters in the seating area and at the bar struggled to hear and ended up having to make do with the 70’s visuals and strained guitar solo faces across 32″‘s

the main seating area

a discarded Guardian newspaper lay on the table where my bag was placed. parallel to me were two dudes working on a graphics from a MacBook and laptop. other artists milled round the entrance/exit to the terrace while ladies with Hijabs exited the dark interior of the live room to take pictures on mobiles

event noticeboard

the venue prides itself on being eclectic and reflecting the diversity of the surrounding area. perched somewhere in-between a community centre, resource, live venue, bar and internet cafe Inn On The Green seeks to provide all you need to wind down after work or for a lazy weekend in West London

after sorting myself out and entering I decided to sit at the front arriving halfway in the middle of a poetry performance about 1Xtra Hip Hop DJ Sarah Love.  a rapper named Jamal was next and was good


my seat was really not the best position for pictures so I decided to hang about on the left hand side of the room. he lacked stage presence and persona instead more than content to focus on the inner discipline of his bars but he definitely has talent despite shrugging off positive comments on his performance.  I did not get his Myspace unfortunately

Jamal being introduced


after him was a sista named Rudy who could not speak much if any English but sang in Spanish over a one drop riddim which is very well known but which I have no idea of knowing lol

Rudy being introduced

the audience

after this came the intermission where patrons were encouraged to buy ice cream, snacks, network and purchase items from the small artist run stalls at the back or head to a nearby side room for observation of prayers. during this me and Segge Dan met and spoke

well it seems Black Britanyaa is and is not no more but fear not as Segge is going solo still determined to capture the essence of being 2nd Generation African/Black in London, England on digital audio and other mediums. now with music as his full time pursuit he aims to use this new freedom to create and put out more music. lets hope so as following the great reception Black Britanyaa‘s The Windrush Vol. 2 received from online press, print media such as Echoes Magazine and The Metro aswell as listeners it would not be right for the journey to end there

mo and poheading back inside the evenings hosts (Mohammed Yayha and one half of Poetic Pilgrimage) kept up the usual Rebel Muzic theme of honoring a musician. this month had to be Micheal Jackson. after facts on his life were read out audience members were encouraged to come up to the stage and moonwalk for the prize of a Hasan Salaam CD. later on the next act did so impressively (also hilariously) and won as did another audience member before I left

Nablthe next act was comedian Nabl Abdul Rashid. if you are a digital TV consumer in the UK then you may know him from his show on Channel AKA (formerly U). the host who introduced him said that he may have a show coming soon on BBC3

he was good with jokes ranging from his Northern Nigerian heritage, his current job, members of the audience and other things. he even started on Segge which was a laugh

whipping off his jacket to reveal a BNP SUCKS T-Shirt he continued with jokes on observations, his name and one long bit about nearly getting married to a Jamaican sista who had an overbearing father

afterwards it was the main event for myself: Segge Dan took to the stage. really I’ll let the videos talk for themselves

and a bonus because you have been patient for reading

well my time was up so unfortunately could not stay for rapper Hasan Salaam though he was getting a good reception and his tunes sounded sick. upon exiting and bumping into Nabl we spoke briefly over a few glasses of tepid tap water about the BBC3 pilot (made by the team behind Little Miss Jocelyn), the recent 600 deaths in Northern Nigeria due to Islamic cult related madness and my personal surprise of him not being in London for very long but becoming a comedian and getting on TV. he challenged me on this stating that if he was Greek would I still have the same point of view? I found his question silly but the answer…well yeah as I still find it quite surprising

with the evening at a close it was time to review the night. the entertainment was what I expected as was the setup, audience and overall layout of the affair. I’m not sure that if I had a free evening I would turn up again but if you are a fan of the new Islamic creative arts coming out of London then this is definitely for you though the Djembe drum lessons may bring me back to Inn On The Green


The Almighty’s Blessings


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