you seen it?

“I ain’t tryna be your man/that’s Ironik (ironic)…”

this could be one of the posse cuts of 2009. the Godfather of Grime, Wiley, reaches into the scene from which he emerged and birthed (which is an interesting concept in itself) and picked 10 MC‘s to collaborate with this (She Wants To remix) his new single out digitally on September 7th. most of the information regarding this track is under the ‘more info’ tab underneath the video uploaders name

the release date is quite close especially industry wise (releases usually need a 3 month press service) so this needs quite a big push if he wants it to achieve something major. he is as unpredictable as ever though so  it’s not sure what aims Wiley has for this track. the Eski Beat logo opens the clip and is prominent throughout the video so as an independent release who knows?

the video has a high quality feel to its visuals and spartan layout and I’m not sure of the director but it could be Scorcher

invariably there will be heated deates as to “who did best” on the beat or “who did worse”. my opinion…honestly…can’t call it right now as everyone comes correct

I’m pleased at the collaborative effort on this track and that’ s that for now lol

The Almighty’s Blessings


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