monkey man…

one of the loose translations of Stellify (as stated on Wikitionary) is to ‘transform into a celestial body’. it seems this stellar theme which first emerged on his first solo single (My Star) is to be continued on this the first release from Ian Brown‘s sixth studio album entitled My Way.  the clip is below

Ian Brown- Stellify Video by Ian Brown – MySpace Video

the brass band middle eight is a great touch as is the use of tom drums. Brown is not known as the greatest vocalist but his vocals are surprisingly seamless with the result (a possible love ode) creating the right type of anticipation for his forthcoming project. personally I’ve never ever disliked any of his solo material…yet don’t own a CD…that may have to change soon…

as always the brand with three stripes is his choice of garb and you can never forget those distinctive features lol. Brown (alongside Bobby Gillespie of Primal Scream) is a musician who never seems to really age but for the first time in some close ups you can see the tracks of time – hey even Indie legends aren’t immune

I’m not going to re-type information and pass it off as my own so here is the press release as sent out by Polydor digital PR

Stellify is available on the Stellify EP, which was announced and released on Monday, and shot straight to the top of the iTunes album charts, where it remains today.

The EP features four new tracks lifted from forthcoming sixth studio album My Way, available seven weeks ahead of physical release.

It also gives fans access to an exclusive 48-hour pre-sale on tickets for Ian Brown’s Winter Tour, the dates of which will be announced shortly”

Stellify EP is available to download now from iTunes

Stellify is released as a single 21 September 2009

My Way follows 28 September on Fiction

Ian Brown - Stellify shoot - credit Steve Baker 020 (this is the original text from the image)

Ian Brown - Stellify shoot - credit Steve Baker 020 (this is the original text from the image)

it would be nice if this pseudo Apple monopoly on digital music could be broken some day soon

but that’s for another time

The Almighty’s Blessings


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