some things in life

are times in which you would rather forget

the fab four.jpg

what the heck am I referring to? The video shoot for the new or next Mz. Bratt single I Like You ft. Sadie Ama. filmed on the Saturday just gone (12th) and lasting well into the morning it saw a defining moment similar to the Forward Riddim (Pow) or the 2009 version in the shape of the forthcoming Wiley single She Likes To Remix (sub-titled the England 10)

which is what?

well…to bring together arguably the best of the best

but even with this statement you may find yourself asking in exasperation ‘SO WHAT?!’

my reply is this…when exactly was the last time this had been done for UK females within Black music? think about that. of course you have the collaborations and so on which produce great music etc and help inspire a sense of cohesion (even community) but I’m thinking more along the lines of the notion of when the elite are gathered for not only support but to make a statement and such an occasion may have been this

dolled up.jpg

you have each female representing (again arguably) a period of time within UK Street Black music: Sadie 04 – 06, Ny 05 – 07, Tulisa 07 – 09 and Mz. Bratt 09 and beyond.

standing on blades.jpg

as always its mere speculation on my part as to whether this was and is the true intention of the shoot or whether it was the result of a chance meeting in Wagamama‘s over some noodles but its more than a good look if so and an even more powerful statement

and I wasn’t there…lol

my reasons were more than valid but it can’t hide the obvious sting lol

girls say i look like t.i.jpg

big up to Griminal also on being the love interest or so it seems if one can infer from the images. the mix of road and hearthrob seems to be the one of the many roads he could travel


thanks to SB:TV for taking these via mobile phone while young boys, girls, women and yes even grown ass men (lol) wait for the anticipated results


The Almighty’s Blessings

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