2009 has been quite a landmark year for me in terms of technology. I do like gadgets in many shapes and sizes while also abhorring the state of dependence they place the user in. plus there’s the quite worrying health risks vaguely but almost certainly associated with them. expect to see more posts centered around technology in 2010

anyway this year following my considerable leap from Dumbphone (a Sony Ericsson K608i) to Smartphone (Nokia N97) has been quite educational in many ways.  it might be worth typing a post about it but instead follow me on Twitter (if you can or care too) and you’ll see

ever since purchasing a Nokia phone I have attempted to ‘live’ within its Ovi ecosystem and services (against good warning I might add lol). one more or less successful branch I’ve experienced has been Ovi Share or Share on Ovi. I guess it’s a type of  Flickr etc rival where you can upload plus download pictures and videos while following other users and commenting on their media. after a few hiccups with permissions and stuff like that, I’ve found it quite useful and will be using it for all major image hosting for the meantime seeing that I am migrating some existing pictures from

you do not have to own a Nokia product to use it plus it offers unlimited storage

my unique URL is so if you decide to join or just want easy access to my page…there you go

well that’s it for now

The Almighty’s Blessings


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