“we have the power…”


a double time frenzy, Power by Genesis Elijah produced by Beezwax (whom I last remember from reviewing his Sting Operation release from his independent Out of The West label for Echoes) hit my inbox around 2 days ago

“Ooohhhh what?”

A bristling Sawtooth synth starts off proceedings before GE announces his and Beezwaxs’ arrival

“…the people always have the power man”

as said above double time flows are the order of the day and atop the halftime beat its a nice fit

“so what?/ they give you the power to vote? / the option is limited that power’s A HOAX”

the catchy hook decides to make itself at home in your brain and the pace of the track ratchets up nicely from the 2nd verse onwards with quotables being flung at will lol

“the power is all in your mind that means / change you’re thinking if you don’t like what you see”

the Berlin remix adds an extra 28 seconds or…Berlin‘s verse which actually sounds pretty dope considering its in German, a language which doesn’t really rank highly on my personal scale of vocal elegance. But an on point verse in a on point verse…well in as much as I can ‘understand’ what he’s saying


the beat may not be the greatest or the verses for that matter but all in all this a dope, principled track. Kudos. know much about Elijah? Yes? No? well check below for the copy and paste:

Genesis Elijah has gained the respect of his peers which is heavily reflected in his previous works, including collaborations with some of the best rappers in the U.K and production from the best producers in the country. He has collaborated with the likes of Terra Firma (Klashnekoff, Kyza & Skriblah), Wordsmith, Skinnyman, Tommy Evans, AC & Terra, DVS, Tom Gist and many others. Genesis views his music as a tool to address subjects that are rarely given light in the media such as the corruption of the government’s schools, prison and justice system’s as well as high lighting problems that effect us all like crime & poverty. Far from an average emcee, his track record proves this,and prefers to approach the music with honesty and integrity as opposed to the macho images that dominates the scene.

In early 2004, Genesis Elijah joined Broken Souls Productions to promote his message to a wider audience. His first release on Broken Souls was the debut album ‘Deh Pon Road’ released on 2nd July 2005 in conjunction with Brave Music, followingthat was Genesis first music video to his hit single, ‘So Hip Hop’. After the success from his album he later released the anticipated mix CD, ‘The Industrial Revolution’, which has hit more than 10,000 units sold independently along with the Channel U top ten hit video, ‘Industrial Revolution/Sights Set’.

Genesis Elijah is now being represented through his independent record label Escape Route Music and Rhythmic Visions Mgmt & PR, and will continue to live up to his musical status as one of the most incomparable and respected UK Hip Hop artist’s to date. Blessings for 2010 and check back again end of January/beginning of Feb. for a follow up!

Beezwax & Genesis

View the Beezwax Music profile and listen to the latest tracks at and

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The Almighty’s Blessings


One thought on ““we have the power…”

  1. Because you’re my twitter friend and you’re recommending this I will give it a try. This will be a big genre step for me outside of what I normally listen to 🙂

    Keep up the great work with the blog!

    @BrotherJesse (from Twitter)

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