“lemme be your Hero / your Heeeeeeroooooo-o…”

maybe it was the Linden I had but something lit up my head that morning when DaVinChe‘s Hero (or should I say Clea Sol‘s) came banging through the speakers

"I see you looking boy..." - Share on Ovi

Hard but prominent with preeminent Female energy, Hero simply managed to supply the grateful steam I needed to get through the last day of the working week. its rare I reach for a track to play at 7am (at LOUD volume…on my Stereo) before starting the day but man this thing kept me up through my sleep lol. weird huh? it must’ve been 1Xtra where I heard it (where else lol?) but it works. I wasn’t too much a fan of Riding For Love especially the  riffing (“yeah / yeah / yeah / yeeeeaaaaaaaallll yeah”) but THIS is the ace in the hole

so why is this the inaugural Posttbox of the week? I think its the punch, the blow to the belly sonically. DaVinChe does always manage to maintain a solid, steady, spine to his productions while maintainng a rotating amount of minimal amount elements to great effect. that combined with the supportive and positive lyrics won me over

its not all good though. I’m not really a fan of the guttural American punctuation. it’s just not UK and while the ‘Dirty South’ bounce is the template for the tracks BANG, I’m unsure as to why DaVinChe has decided to follow this musical path. Maybe it was the MTV work in the States? it would be nice for him to provide an explanation to his dedicated fans as to why he seems to have abandoned the good ship Grime but (of course) he doesn’t have to explain anything

also a big props for applying Hero towards the female energy. as we all know the etomology of the word relates to Heru, the son of Kemetic King and Queen Asar and Aset and the REAL…first Hero. rarely we hear or see that applied to a Lady so props on that. I’m sure it was intentional lol

DaVinche and Cleo Sol

(from left to right) the Producer, the Singer

The Almighty’s Blessings


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