style matters…

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today I attended the first Style Speed Seminar by style gurus for the next and new generation Individualism held in East London

Style Speed Seminar‘s seek to fill in the gaps left behind by our various hectic lifestyles with quick, intelligent and humourous style advice which is more or less promised to enhance your appearance and attract the right type of energy resulting in improved propects for your life and future

as expected (as it nearly stopped me) the bitter London cold and treacherous Ice eliminated most from attending except those most dedicated to fashion and looking for style tips


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the focus of today’s Seminar was Accessories and an extremely timely item indeed: Scarfs. the subject was approached with slides, common sense explanations (Scarfs are for warmth, unique style…), tips (GO FABRIC SHOPPING) and demonstrations

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the ‘4 main Scarf types‘ (Classic, Chunky knit, Silk, Statement) were discussed and expounded upon and the ‘8 Ways to Tie a Scarf‘ (The Drape, The Throw Over, The Wrap Around…) also

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being a critic, I was plesantly surprised about how succinct, warm and informative this was. is there really that much Science to look into regarding strips of various fabrics one drapes around a neck? the answer is…yes there is. apperance can be and already is a very powerful broadcasting tool with coded information ready to be cracked on various frequencies and bandwidths (intentions, beliefs, lifestyle choice, culture…). today I learned yet again that almost everything has to be taken into consideration in one’s day to day life

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interested? want to know more about Individualism? if you’re in London or even England watch out for the upcoming seminars on ‘Summer Style to Catch Her Eye‘ and ‘How to wear your suit like a Millionaire‘. if you’re lucky enough to based outside of the UK (lol) then contact them here or learn more here

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The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s I had a neat slideshow below with more images but for some reason it’s not working. click here instead


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