can't wait

explosive material

this is Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite

Ms. Dynamite

this is DJ Zinc



they got together in a studio to give birth to creativity and birthed this:

and here is the teaser trailer for the upcoming video:

which is surprising as I was unsure for sometime as to what would happen to this track. its not to say I’m not pleased otherwise this wouldn’t be an entry in the ‘Can’t Wait’ series where I express feelings of intense impatience for new upcoming music or media (lol)

not much can be gleaned from this short clip. I mean it’s just only 2 minutes long but it seems to be a club based video. at around the 40 sec mark you see Dynamite walking down stairs of an estate….

actually…there’s not much to go on but I envisioned a futuristic vid complete with visors, neon and lasers. does this dream have a chance? we’ll see I guess but I won’t get the hopes up lol

this track, Bad Gal and Crackish does however raise nii-teiko’s eyebrows slightly at the extreme possibility of an entire abum of vocal House to come from Ms. McClean – Daley? can she pull it off? hmmm. well…stranger things have happened. for example…Dynamite is doing House. could you imagine that back here?

most importantly this stone cold banger is deservedly getting a release with its clipped cadence, bassline / layered synth of-a-thousand-hooks, THAT hat roll before the chorus and Dynamite laying the smack down

jus remember to release it in FLAC or WAV guys? yeah? ok

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s ha. I just discovered this:


*post detonates (forgive the puns lol)*

p.p.s just had to quickly update the post with what’s below – the fiinished vid

as I expected some editing was required to turn this dancefloor filler into standard promo material as it does not easily fit the standard verse – chorus – verse format. sadly no visors, neon or lasers but we got wet look leggings and pearls. this is good by the way. a simple performance video with a edgy Black and White theme…its fits together like two pieces of Lego

all in all Niomi still easily possesses the powers and remains a key icon within UK Black Music. for myself what happens creatively after this and career-wise is a little unclear…but I’m all heart and ears

The Almighty’s Blessings


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