ok this is just a short one. well you know of Skype right? currently it happens to be one of Planet Earth’s most popular VoIP programs with an install base running into the millions


well its probably because of its cost

what cost?


offering free Skype to Skype calls and Video Chat over 3G, Wi-Fi, Broadband and even Dial Up internet connections means that it has been a great facilitator in connecting people across this globe. especially those of us whose Father / Mother countries have been nudged into a state of impoverishment

well the news for today is if you use Skype…well I now use Skype so lets connect!

no pressure of course

my username is nii-teiko and I’ll be online for 2 hours between 7 and 9pm GMT eeeryday so if you want to chew the fat about music, Global African issues, the UK, yourself / myself, tech, phones or keep it more arms length about the same but on IM…that’s fine. just know I’m open and most importantly here

soon come yeah?

The Almighty’s Blessings


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