27 08 09

okay a quick one

last year I was invited to a small promo event in Central London. Covent Garden to be exact. its not an area I frequent at all due to the high prices of the majority of the shops and their wares. still this was an exemption. why?

King Apparel are one of the UK’s most respected street brands alongside Dark N Cold and Streetz Iz Watching. Set up by __ and ___ they have managed that rare feat of attaching a cool but slept on factor to their brand that is usually solely achieveable by teaming up with an American brand such as New Era (which they have done). creating caps, jackets, jeans, tees…they have a light aesthetic to their products whether it be colour schemes or material without sacrificing the durability and weight so very necessary to the way us Urban dwellers use and wear our clothes

so I jumped at the chance. I met one of the founders when I spent a Day with rapper Pyrelli for Echoes who also happens to be one of their poster childs. I really should’ve taken him up on his offer of discounted clothes but alas I was broke. maybe in the future?

but why the long wait for this post?

well…late 2009 was a difficult time for me personally and dreams of posts every 2 days or even one a week fell apart. Lord willing one day it may get back to that

but to the main event(s)!

first up is a video of J Da Flex on deckle

second up is a partner in beats El-B and Plastician

last but by no means least are Virus Syndicate, the events headliners

afterwards I chatted to Virus. they are some real safe guys. I also had a looong talk with El-B and J Da Flex. what struck me was not only the former’s childlike enthusiasm for music but just how much of a double act they are with J playing the straight man to El‘s off the wall jokes and demeanour. top guys both of ’em

oh yeah and I had exclusive news at the stime about the project they’re working on with names etc..but I guess that’s all in the public domain right? let me know if it isn’t *e-points below to comments*

oh and here’s a blurry picture to end it all lol

The Almighty’s Blessings

apologies for the ‘blocking’ but for some reason Youtube has crushed the quality of the vid

p.s the annotations to the videos will follow later as will the picture titles


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