in hindsight


okay…I hold my hands up. I admit it

most writers…music writers especially will never admit when they happen to glance or pass over tracks or albums that they either do not understand, do not listen to or simply don’t like…but then slowly come round to recognise the dismissed artistry as a revelation

the ease by which many of us use pens, pencils, grey matter or plastic keys to dismiss creative works is a sought after chalice and while yes it does have its perks the major downside for me is the inability to retract words that do not reflect the current state of our matured ears

in steps in hindsight

as written in the excerpt of this new series: “it takes time for the mind to mature, the ears to listen…the heart to admit mistakes”. nonetheless how can wrongs be rectified while false, outdated opinions are stubbornly clung to for the sake of ego?

in enters…’Pro Plus‘ by Terror Danjah and D.O.K

for the longest I just couldn’t wrap my center around this tune. its only an 8 bar? why is it tearing down raves and getting reloads? why the hell is Kode 9 putting this out?!?

then today. oh TODAY

like a bloody ton of bricks…the shakers, the synth, the delayed claps, the slight holiday feel, those sawtooth synths AND THAT F****** SUB KICK DRUM IN THE INTRO. its a banger in the most simplistic but addictive clothing. like sweets. a headrush but with after effects you desire, not hate. in this case…rewind after rewind after rewind…

as a debut release for the surest shot underground label Hyperdub and backed with the magnificent Acid…instant and cop should be the words to follow

you can buy the track here in high resolution digital files or vinyl. you really should buy it. then play it loud. repeatedly

hats off. I woz wrong

The Almighty’s Blessings


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