when it rains...

when it rains…

hello and you are welcome to witness……the debut of yet another new series. this time When It Rains seeks to sift through the dense fog of popular social music site Soundcloud and bring the best to you. I wear a Mac. I put on Wellies. it’s a cold, sneeze filled mission for you, the treasured reader, but someone’s got to do it. lets start off slow at first while I put my trousers on the radiator…

from http://media.photobucket.com/image/chima%20anya/phearon/289b2858.jpg

“…she says she wants to grow up to be Lady Gaga / I said Lady Who? / Lady What? / Lady Nu? / Lady Nana?…”

Oxfordshire resident (and Jnr. Dr.) Chima Anya draaaagged a 4 star rating out of me in the April edition of Echoes for his debut album New Day. now he’s gone and made me favourite this takeover

Dizzee Rascal asked mebruv where is your accent from?” / “does it matter son?” / “you can hear the raps are strong

taking on a recognisable beat is not easy especially one of this stature but I’m not a fan of the original (owned of course by Kanye West) so this eats that for break-fast

tackling the Uk Financial Budget, pop idols, Uk vs. US accents and more in just over 3 mins?  give this brotha an poncho

“…stand tall / reclaim / the game is OURS

Chima Anya – Power (Clean) by Chima Anya

the man M

the man M

can’t stop Hip-Hop since ’86…”

Stones Throw stalwart MED is joined by Talib Kweli on a smooth track with a beat courtesy of ace drummer Karriem Riggins



homie / your range is shorter than Danny DeVito

I always wonder just how easy it is for top quality rappers to write such fluid material which also open your mental windows regardless of the wind chill. I’m still wondering

"give the drummer some!"

"give the drummer some!"

timeless / everlasting music / next generation passing…

Karriem Riggins tailors the beat with skill. MED and TK deliver the goods. just remember to wipe your shoes on the mat guys

Classic feat Talib Kweli (Prod. by Madlib) www.pinboardblog.com by PinBoardBlog.com



he plays keys but...he's not Alicia Keys......obviously

he plays keys but...he's not Alicia Keys......obviously

Free Mason f. Jay-Z & John Legend www.pinboardblog.com by PinBoardBlog.com

now if this ain’t a surprise. well…I’m going to leave this blank for you to provide your own responses. please add some comments down below and lets see some e-chitter chatter going…………


the dynamic duo of Pharoahe Monch and MeLa Machinko take down their umbrellas and walk regardless. after the rain does come a little shine after all?

it’s just right. MeLa has a voice worthy of your time and attention while Pharoahe is just THAT DUDE. always has been whether solo or Organized with his science down to a tee BUT…he’s still developing and tweaking his gift





Shine f. Mela Machinko by PinBoardBlog.com

…in this cesspool called New York Shi**y / I call it that cos it smell like s***!”

P’s animated timbre and delivery. the urban microcosms. vibraphone. Diamond D on the beat and yes…oh yes…THAT 2nd verse…just listen to it

the album is coming, this song is ready and oh look…the Sun is out. Praise God

gonna shine like the sun, the WORLD is mine…

The Almighty’s Blessings


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