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“are you my kinsman?”……she asked……..

it has been a long time. a very long time since my eyes have scanned and ingested the pages of a book not hallowed out of the pages of facts, figures, dates and opinions based on such

thank God for this book then. take a look if you will and then…investigate it further

if you don’t know about Octavia E Butler…click here

highly recommended even though I’m only on Chapter 4! based on two African protaganists, the male Doro who has been alive for over 4,000 years and dreams of creating a race of immortal telepaths and the female Anyanwu who is 300 years young, this seems to be a tale spanning continents, intents, physicality, the past and futures…alternate and twisted

lemme go back to reading *turns page*

The Almighty’s Blessings

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2 thoughts on ““are you my kinsman?”……she asked……..

    • to tell you the honest truth…………THIS BOOK IS BLOWING MY MIND

      I’m currently on chapter 5 and there’s so much…to infer from the material. Octavia is an amazingly skilled writer

      I am prepared to become a stan lol

      thanks for reading and commenting. please…come again or subscribe! a lot of varied posts coming

      The Almighty’s Blessings

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