“I couldn’t name 10 / then WE couldn’t name 20…”

is the main reason as to how and why Black100+ exists. challenged at a party via a game of Spin The Bottle to name 10 great, current Global African‘s (or Black people if that is what you use) of standing in the UK, Lorna Stewart was dumbstruck. when her peoples decided to try and name 20 and came to a similar conclusion, Lorna‘s digust became the birth of Black100+

July the 3rd was the annual *breathes in* Black 100+ Photographic Exhibition of Black Achievers in Modern Britain VIP / Celebrity Buffet Reception and Photoshoot (2010) held in The Manor House, Old Road, Lewisham, London *gasps*

to be honest…this was not an planned assignment. I was strictly attending in the capacity of chaperone and babysitter…a duty I fulfilled quite well if I say so myself. my sore feet testified to that

still it was very interesting to see some of the current cream of London based African / Black educationalists, business minds, entertainment folk and creative peeps in the mix (literally) while also quaffing drinks, patties, chicken and more

the wider exhibition was and is designed to (as taken from the Black100+ website) :

    educate the whole community about ‘Black Achievement’
    promote positive images of Black people
    inspire young people to achieve their dreams
    challenge stereotypical views about Black people
    give recognition to inspirational individuals
    leave a legacy for future generations
    support personal and professional development
    celebrate the valuable contributions Black people make too

the location also captured a timely relevance with a speech by Lorna Stewart revealing slavery ties to its modest opulence. we were situated upstairs but downstairs was a well designed library, a glass elevator connecting the two floors for wheelchair, disabled and pram access. unfortunately I couldn’t take a picture good enough to fully display the transformation from manor house to public facility

all the people present had been nominated by members of the public and either friends or family. anyone can be nominated as along they meet the criteria. click here for further information

as a networking event this was great in my opinion with every year hopefully bringing forth yet more names with more ideas, more possibilities to network and…just more lol. I spied David Simon, Dennis Brown, Black History Studies, Robin Walker, TRUTHbTold, Elick Harding, Jasmine Dotiwala, Floetic Lara and many many more

so props to you sista Lorna and thank you for the event and the organisation. your contribution to the foundations of Global Africa in the Uk has been noted. Amen

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s props to Cummin’ Up for the catering 🙂

p.p.s a sista from Birmingham did travel down so it wasn’t 100% London centric. more 99.9% 🙂

pictures taken, written and posted via the Nokia N900 and MaStory


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