It’s a Giveaway!

I’ll tackle the next statement in more depth in a future entry and God willing it’ll be the birth of a series I’ve had brewing upstairs for sometime but……I’ll never get tired of saying that the five guys from Oxford also known as Radiohead are some the best musicians I have ever heard in my short blink of a life


thanks to a Facebookfriend‘ of mine, I’ve been blessed enough to be linked up to some fresh live recordings by the aforementioned. these are slightly different though

instead of a low or even high quality bootleg from a mic taped to a chest or hidden in a sleeve these are soundboard recordings provided by the band themselves aka the prize! but…why?

well…this article explains the reason better then I could and also it would be pointless to re-type it out (also read into that that I have no time lol) but I thought I’d share this on

in addition to what’s been written already, I’d like to add that its gestures or better yet statements like this that illustrate the bands good favour with fans but also why they are still around and how they are still highly relevant in the Western mainstream Pop/Rock arena

its not only the quality of their music (which is subjective of course) but the ability to adapt to the way creative product is shared, enjoyed and consumed when set free from the constraints of physical media or the creators control. remember if you will the In Rainbowsgiveaway‘, the live sessions on Youtube (which is somewhere on a hard drive of mine hehe) and wasn’t there something around Kid A aswell?

this does not mean I condone the guzzling of free yet paid music etc because I don’t but progressive moves such as this are part of the reason why Jonny, Ed, Colin, Thom and Phil are still doing the damn thing with such stylee

spelling intentional on that last word. “It’s a London Thing” © MC Styles


The Almighty’s Blessings

posted via the Nokia N900 and MaStory


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