22 10 10

this day marked the Hyperdub Takeover of Rough Trade East, Brick Lane near Aldgate East station, London in hype and support of Terror‘s Undeniable LP due for release on the 01 11 10 and Darkstar‘s North LP which was released on the 18 10 10. on the night performing was the now more humanoid trio of Darkstar, more then well respected label owner Kode 9 and the undeniable Terror Danjah

I managed to make it through the crowd of flesh arriving at around 21:35. gratefully…they had not setup yet

got my wristband though never put it on. heh

(some) of the Hyperdub collective setting up. (left to right) Kode 9, Terror Danjah and Darkstar

its been a long time since I’ve seen so much music. the store reminds me of somewhere where I could’ve spent a lot of my youth exploring, listening and finding new sounds and music. alas you were more likely to find me in a Music and Video Exchange somewhere haha

“hands off the merchandise” © Ted ‘Million Dollar Man‘ Dibaise. well…not really. the hoodies will be out soon. support the cause. he looked tired yet was off to Poland for a show the next day. oh…its a hard life 🙂

Darkstar warming up. out of fear of being told to stop I didn’t take any video of their soundcheck but…I really should’ve. will not happen again. it may have been minor but there are many who would’ve geeked out at some of the gems. apologies. will never happen again

and now some video of them performing. enjoy

Kode 9 (pic above) played two sets (one before and after Terror which also intro’d Darkstar with the drone of all drones = loveliness). there was this really colourful Grime tune that he soundchecked and eventually opened up with. if anyone knows what it could be and is looking at this…please let me know. was a explosion of synesthesia, drums and pads that sounded like clothes being torn inside a PA system

and some video of course

and Terror. oh man. unfortunately the highlights of the mix were not captured on mpeg4. sorry. you had to be there but can you imagine Guido‘s Mad Sax mixed into Sadie Ama‘s and Kano‘s So Sure for example? I’ll stop there before you start getting vex lol

this…was an enjoyable night and I still managed to catch a train home despite leaving quite late. usually doesn’t happen though even if I missed it…the memories would be worth it

The Almighty’s Blessings

pictures, video etc drafted on MaStory on the Nokia N900

p.s I apologise for the pics though. there is something very annoying about the way the N900 handles exposure. then there’s of course the video bug. smh but nevermind eh? at least you got to see ’em

p.p.s  the link to my Flickr set contaning all the pics embedded in this post is here


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