I’ve been thinking

first of all, I just love thinking. it’s a relationship near adoration. the feeling of being concious, interactive. the conception of thoughts, rolling such things around your mind like such fine material between fingertips…

but anyway, I’ve been thinking. recently here in the UK another bleak-ish winter has arrived but this time with Swine Flu: The Sequel in tow. now as flippant as that terrible attempt at a joke may seem it really isn’t one with the usual ingredients of a sequel (more explosions, more sex scenes, more drama…JUST MORE) definitely present with us (MORE casualties). In fact a family friend just recently let us know of a Swine Flu related death of a close friend on their side. this is near where I started

if I asked you…what are the symptoms of Swine Flu or any other cold type dis-ease or Influenza you may be able to tell me. if I asked you…what to do to fight against it or at least build up some immunity…you again may be able to tell me. now if I asked you to talk about the structure of the aforementioned virus, how a possible mutation of it may be dangerous or HOW such a mutation could occur…you’d be clueless right? but why right? why the expectation of such? of comfortably not knowing? or better yet ‘knowing’ that someone ‘knows’ and has the manner in hand? especially when it concerns yourself / us primarily?

if you begin to think about what we don’t know about certain things or even if you do so already…maybe we’re mental kinfolk waiting to meet digitally or in person. if you think I’m demanding too much of ourselves, our personal time or even being paranoid then…fair enough

think of it this way though

the way in which we passively hand over our trust each day regarding the ‘unknown’, the seemingly peripheral surely must register somewhere within your thoughts? for instance, ask many people this and that about their bodies and see if the responses you receive match the actual reality of these connected, strong yet fragile vessels we live within and use each day. ask them about the majority of the technology they interact with and see if you get similar answers. you may get better ones. finally query them on some celeb gossip or even last nights primetime Television and you may receive a more detailed response

it’s this disconnect, this seperation that actually (in some ways) worries me. why should we not know this, that and the other? especially on intimate need to know type s*** lol? I’m sure we could go all day and night with examples. why entrust this knowledge to a few within certain trades, guilds and professions? who benefits from this relationship? where is even the genesis of such a lax attitude? don’t shoot this writer though. this is not to point the finger. this is also me. I find myself catching myself out every day. if you find yourself reading this and thinking ‘DAMN BLUD / HOMEY’ know…KNOW that this is me too. believe that

will this end? well…the result of that question depends on further questions that are too varied and long for these hands and the limited time I have to compose this piece. all I am offering is it should and for me and mine…efforts are being made to. perhaps in that you will find an satisfactory answer or at least a beginning

moving on quickly I’d just like to say Happy New Year and I hope you had a Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Christmas and congratulations on making it through the transition into 2011. many didn’t so we are blessed to be here. what does this year hold? Lord willing more life, love and most importantly progression. you can obviously ask for different things

you may notice the long distance between the previous piece here and this one. well, I lost two months worth of work after re-setting my N900 (my fault for not backing up) including album reviews and other music critiques plus lengthy write-ups on Maulena Karenga‘s Uk lecture, Black History Month 2010 and much more. include the pressures of Global African urban family life and the Christmas period meaning that I have my reasons. that’s not to say that’s good enough. last year was definitely a learning experience. expect more this year. no – this is not one of those atypical ‘WATCH ME THIS YEAR YOU GET ME?’ type statements. just expect more activity. if what I imagine is able to take place then this will be an exciting year for all of us. me especially of course 😉

I hope to have you along for the ride. if you wanna be part of it please read the about page and subscribe to this blog / journal or you can follow me on Twitter, add me on Facebook or IM and chat with me on Skype (username: nii-teiko). I can definitely promise that your RSS reader will not be flooded with entries but I can promise that whatever you read here WILL…be worth reading

ok…time to take to the skies now. thank you. comments appreciated down below. expand or extend things…whatever. lets have a debate. Ima try and keep up 🙂

The Almighty’s Blessings

composed, typed and fleshed out in the mind of Nii-Teiko via The Most High, the Ancestors and finally on the Nokia N900 via MaStory


2 thoughts on “I’ve been thinking

  1. melissadelicious says:

    this article is a good read, thought provoking, i often feel paranoid that im the only person who thinks that way.

    Amazing how many people walk around sleeping, only awakened by trivial stuff not benefitting them.

    lost generation

  2. Finally got round to reading your post. Like I said, very rich with thoughts and ideas. I love the free-flowing style…Interesting thoughts on Swine flu part 2. Incidentally, I do know how a mutation occurs but that’s probably a professional hazard. But at the same time, I do “passively hand over trust” when it comes to economics since I totally don’t understand it but rarely when it comes to over things!

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