spaces and gaps

on a morning while talking with my Queen, I threw out this question:

“imagine someone who begged, pleaded and prayed for YOUR life. your EXACT life right now. they CRAVED it so much that they couldn’t think of anything else. then imagine they received it. how do you think they would make the most of your existing day to day? like how would they maximise every opportunity?”

she paused. listened and then said

“interesting” while nodding her head (the convo went on from here forth)

I think so too. looking at your own life and day to day duties etc just how do you think someone would do that? what do you take from this question?

The Almighty’s Blessings

posted via MaStory and the Nokia N900

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One thought on “spaces and gaps

  1. firstworldmusic says:

    Hi. Great philosophical, rhetorical & hypothetical question. Maybe the spirits of my ancestors will give me the answer if I call on them because I to not have the intellect to articulate the answer myself :))

    From @petittonton AKA @1stworldmusic

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