02 06 11

* DISCLAIMER – I know this is old but I’m still posting it as I put effort and time in *

so it’s been a while BUT…despite my incredibly reduced profile I managed to get invited to an event (I know, I know…can’t believe it either)! the doo in question being the album listening party for the High Plains Drifter / Billy Brimstone himself & one of the Uk‘s finest rappers (+ label owners), Jehst. I’ve been waiting for just a hint of this album for a while so the invite email was greeted with a slightly immediate reply (I am trying to get better…seriously)

I’m going to let my solid self-reasoning of trying to keep a low profile take all the weight of me not recognising a soul (well…maybe a few) and standing around gormless waiting for the playback to begin. I did arrive bang on time for it though. the published time that is

after Mr. Thing at around 8pm, playback started. despite it really not being the best listening environment my favourite tracks so far are the wistful Camberwell Carrots, the swingin The Illest, the bounce of Timeless and of course the single Starting Over (which spawned this viral video)

I also managed to catch a word with the man himself. he’s happy with the album but as most creative types, keen to move on to the next one which is good news given the break between the last one and this one. the album has no grand point or scheme other than wanting to make something banging for the fans. ah. realised I did forget to ask about the title…and no picture?! that’s terrible lol but happens eh? *mumbles to self

I missed maybe…2 or 3 tracks conversing with Mr. Thing (who was flying to Slovenia to do a 45 Funk set the next day) and having a good convo with Yungun aka Essa (who has definitely done his share of studying in his life. props to him) but I am already hyped by what I’ve been lucky enough to hear

the event was still going by the time playback of the album came back around with much networking etc but I had to go so…me gone huhuh. peep a review in a future edition of Echoes Magazine. follow me on Twitter for when exactly that’ll be. PEACE

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s apparently there’s a free online only mixtape by Yungun ft. Mr. Thing on production coming next month if I heard correctly. artwork is done and yeah in case you didn’t read before…free. can’t complain about that can ya! can ya?!

p.p.s the Jehst album is now out now here

snapped, written and uploaded via MaStory and the Nokia N900


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