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I’ve read it once and am going back for more. essential reading for any Uk based African (Black) parent – YOU ACTUALLY NEED THIS BOOK IF YOU CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN. if you can’t see the author’s name it says ‘Neil Mayers‘. he’s a very cool brotha and has the chops to back up what he’s written

The Almighty’s Blessings

snapped, edited, uploaded, composed and posted with the Nokia N900 and MaStory


2 thoughts on “weighty

  1. Pippa Hirst says:

    Hi Neil
    Im trying to get hold of you to invite you as a guest at a Black History Month assembly at our school this October.
    You sound particularly inspiring and would be a fantastic role model for some of our kids.
    We are at Wyvil Primary school, South Lambeth Road, Vauxhall
    020 7622 1164
    Do get in touch if you are able and ask for Pippa

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