the 3 steps

I’ve been thinking recently about how to LEGALLY earn money in a Global European Western Society (there’s some irony there I’m sure 😉 and narrowed in down to 3 steps with emphasis on ‘working smart’ as opposed to ‘working hard’ as too many of us know far too well…

1 – Working. sure…get 2 jobs (like I kinda have) but for me this is working hard but not smart. your income will increase but the decreases in personal, family time etc negate the benefits. maybe in pre-planned, well thought over spurts perhaps

2 – start a business. at first, this will definitely consist of extreme hard work & investment (maybe even more than above) but if your product & service is highly valued or better yet original then backed by a solid plan you will see the ‘working smart’ benefits begin to start as the money will perpetuate more of its ilk. this leads to the 3rd step

3 – investment. clever but the source of much of human kinds current debasement. this (for moi) is the epitome of ‘working smart’. to borrow & transpose a popular advertisement campaign from over here (the Uk) ‘the money does the work so you don’t have to’. besides exploitation, savagery and opportunism what do you think the rich have in their favour? the ability for their money to traverse the globe meeting its own kind, breeding and making more money. unfortunately, as with the 2nd point, this requires capital which may or may not result from 1. tricky eh?

you can do the inverse of all of these illegally and maybe even earn more money. perhaps legal & illegal will cross paths anyway but that’s what I’ve got

how true are my thoughts?

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s I am still writing a piece on the recent Uk disturbances but…give me some time

conceived by The Most High, translated through myself, written and posted on the Nokia N900 via MaStory


One thought on “the 3 steps

  1. Greeting Brother

    Some very good, insightful comments you make. Such is the beautiful struggle!

    As you know, I have also been aspiring to do the same thing. I think your 3 points generally summarises what is required. With regards to makiing investments, it does not have to be unethical! It may be you simply investing in the buisiness of your friend or family member, for example.

    Moreover, I do hear what your saying with step 1. But it comes down to this. Step 1 is possibly the best way to either clear your debts and/or build up enough money is order to fund a business venture. Yes, other things in your life suffer. But it ishould be a temporary measure. And, according to George Subria (read “Black Folks guide to making big money”), another benefit is that taking this step gets you used to working long hours, so when you do step up to create a buisiness, you are ready to hangle the rigours.

    But, I think you have to start at the end. Where is it you are trying to get to, ultimately? Then, that will help shed light on what you need to do.

    *NB- Speak to me about what your plans are. A potential partnership may be beneficial in the near future.

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