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did you know…

there’s actually no proof that Hippocrates, Aristotle, Euclid, Heron, Theon, Hypatia, Diophantus and maybe even Ptolemy were wholly Greek?

and when I mean Greek in this instance I mean European (White). interesting eh?

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s. Peace to Ivan Van Sertima. peace, blessings & thank you. R.I.P

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2 thoughts on “did you know…

  1. Excellent and forthright comment without being too blatant about what you are getting at. By the way, which Ivan Van Sertima book are you referring to? I have “they came before Columbus” sitting on my shelf waiting to be read, some day soon!

    *NB- Moreover, do you know what his sources were? I also like to make to know so I can look those up too.

    • thanks man. how many bloody books do we have stuck in that status lol? not a good look I know *scratches head*…

      I’m currently reading ‘Blacks In Science’. it’s like a compilation of articles from a journal he used to run. was cheap & pulled me to to it for some reason. re: his sources seem to be his own research tbh! though obviously he doesn’t reinvent the wheel (tread over old research) when needed to…

      p.s btw I was chastised on Twitter earlier for not referring to him as DR. Ivan. take note 😉

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