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this week (for the umpteenth time) I participated in some market research on mobile phones which I’m not complaining about by the way

anyway seeing as I’m quite experienced at this now, I’m usually and quite quickly able to pick up on which company and brand is after the intel gained from these things…but not on this occasion. well not immediately because after some time it became very clear that the current ‘beast mode’ company (Samsung) were funding this research

recently, Samsung usurped Nokia to become the largest phone manufacturer in the world and many industry commentators have not been slow to notice that this has been on the cards for some time probably due to the February 11th 2011 strategy of slowly abandoning their long-time yet aged Symbian mobile operating system in favour of Windows Phone, a move I previously disagreed with but most definitely DO NOT after seeing and experiencing how great WP is. the tech lust is strong for that one…oh yes

the reason I’m mentioning most of this is because as much as I also have noticed the rise of the South East Asian giants, I never truly understood it till today. maybe the penny started to fall when I began to think that is was Nokia doing the research or maybe it was the fact that existing Symbian running Nok phones were shown in comparison was another. Overall though, I think it dropped when seeing the multiple and differing prototype Galaxy dumb and smartphones at multiple price points (with an array of colourways) that are going to absolutely flood the marketplace this year that recalled (with a slight mental withholding of tears) the Nok of old

from what I’ve seen expect Galaxy phones shaped like BlackBerry‘s. expect multiple Galaxy Note‘s in colours AND fabrics. expect other unnamed Galaxy‘s in differing sizes, shapes and colours

on the other hand (say my left perhaps) the race to the bottom of the mobile market and creating more or less crap phones with a less than fluid experience is partially what has seen the beast from Finland gain such a besmirched reputation (they seem to be doing it again with the Lumia 610. these strategies do back fire…plus who knows what the future may hold? will Nok‘s transition from Symbianto Windows Phone be truly successful? will they be able to drive WP into low end (i.e cheap) devices with positive consumer experiences?

we’ll have to wait on that one but for now Samsung seem set to repeatedly 3 point the ball that Nokia fumbled, dropped and then shot

well maybe not shot. drowned? ok I’ll stop now

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s I couldn’t take pictures at this research venue for obvious reasons

"err...but they have"

“ropes shall not bind my power!”

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