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“I see the digital shadow you cast…”

UPDATE 26/09/12

I was just thirsty for some more information on this game following my recent purchase of an Xbox 360 and found this article from July courtesy of The Guardian. it is quality writing though the rumoured release date of 2015 got me gritting my teeth. have a read anyway and see what you think


I must have watched this demo at least 4 times and I’m still taken aback by the little things: cans blowing in the wind, unforced dialogue, the general idea and it’s movie like qualities



the game is called Watch Dogs with an unspecified release date but is due to be published by French company Ubisoft for the PC, PS3 and XBox 360 with a hint that it might make next generation (future Playstations and X-Box’s) platforms too (I did originally think this when first admiring the graphics). this does also mean that ‘undecided release date’ might mean 2014 *grits teeth*. then again when gameplay is this striking and fresh…I think it’s worth the wait

the plot is along the lines of…a centrally controlled database has been adopted to control the electronic infrasturcture of certain North American cities (Chicago in this case) with certain people able to hack into them. I’m guessing (the man you see) has taken it upon himself to be a vigilante scouring the digital airwaves for criminals and those that pervert the course of justice. It’s not just him either. Read here for more information on that



I saw a comment saying the male protagonist had cyberpunk elements. I’m not sure about that but I am intrigued by the logo on his hat (3mins 40 sec – 3mins 50 and seen on his face scarf near the end)


The tablet integration (read here) sounds like a direct fit for Nintendo‘s upcoming Wii U console and controller (aswell as the just announced SmartGlass from Microsoft) so it would be disappointing if it did not reach that platform. don’t be stupid Ubisoft!


I must admit, I’ve been totally out of the hardcore gaming scene for some time but some of the announcements at this years computer and video game showcase and expo at E3 have got me wanting to jump right back on that horse. this could be too good to be true and explode in a blaze of sky-high expectations, bad decisions and programming but I’m willing to indulge myself this once



what do you think? *be warned the video is NSFW, features strong language and violence*

The Almighty’s Blessings


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