I missed the boat on this one.jpg

was just listening to the promo of this that I got sent last year Jan (really!? I need to fix up lol). as usual, Goapele‘s voice swoons and swoops, arcing through my ears with a pleasing familiarity. her vocals do flex with a certain…upfront sensualness that I personally haven’t encountered before. my favourite in that vein has to be Undertow – thematically akin to Floetry’s Getting Late but musically featuring 808 snares, twangy guitar, plucked piano and some lovely vocodered double tracked vocals…who could ask for more! Hush‘s honesty is close to home combining an semi lullaby to her child while also swiping lightly at the absent father. I do forget that she is a mother now

she’s also a joy in concert so here’s a live performance of the first single (Play) from this album

give her a go

The Almighty’s Blessings

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