geek out!

i can haz wi-fi?

well I didn’t get to try it. hastily attempting to connect to the network without registering was a stupid idea…but it looks like it’ll work

if you’re not familiar, free wi-fi (hosted by Virgin Media) is now available at selected London Underground stations, a semi-tie in with the Olympics 2012. it’ll be free until the end of summer…whenever that actually appears (it is now Autumn in London – go figure)

I not to long ago read about the competing race to provide free wi-fi access to the visiting public across the capital and throughout the Olympics using bins, disused phone boxes and probably discarded fried chicken carcasses at that rate. the networks (O2, Virgin Media, Orange/ Everything Everything etc) are squaring up for your benefit eh Londoners?

obviously you can’t deny the pluses of this. I mean who doesn’t want to take advantage of faster upload / download speeds (if provided) & shaving MB’s off a data allowance? on the flip of that though is the pretty PR story necessary to sell the widescreen panorama of a successful, equitable & fair LDNand of course the Games. trouble is…many of us live here so…hmmm……

my next mission (which I will accept): do a Speedtest from the platform. yes I’m NOT a nerd! *confused face*

The Almighty’s Blessings

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