“we’re the games masters out here”

ok then


taken from the forthcoming collaborative album (How Not To Make A Living) between The Last Skeptik (on production and vocals) and Dre..I mean Rewd Adams, Monster Things is the first track to be ‘leaked’ from the long player

“criminal bars / no co-defendant”

it’s a posse cut featuring MC’s you may (Awate whose flair filled final verse rounds off proceedings nicely) or may not have heard of (Little Dee) depending on your orientation but blazing a lyrical trail that you probably will find warming to the ear. give it a go

I’m a heat seeking torpedo / MC’s are a speedboat

the album is due on July 7th the album seems to be available now! click here to purchase and click here for much more information. this is safe for work by the way

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s oh and they have a live appearance coming at YOYO, Notting Hill Arts Club, on the 28th June. take ID with you as I got turned the rass away from there last year. foolishness!

The Almighty’s Blessings

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