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“guilty as charged if intellect is a crime…”

damn. I nearly forgot what good Hip-Hop is supposed to sound like

this album has been on my list for some time waiting for a price drop (I don’t have much money) but I snap bought this to revise for a PA of his I was supposed to attend yesterday here but couldn’t due to lack of transportation :-(. only arrived today so would’ve been too late anyway

man I would love to hear some of this live. the wordplay and lyrical finesse plus the general kinetic energy seems built for public appraisal and reciprocation. I’m currently in missed-live-show mourning. will be gone in a few days *wipes tear*

Pharoahe has never really fell off my radar being one of the best MC’s around. a top 10 dead or alive placement is not an understatement. fans of his work previous to Desire will be happy to hear the abrasion back in full force while those who were turned onto Monch from that record get to hear the other side to P

Haile Selassie Karate (ft. Mr Porter doing his best Curtis Mayfield impression) is a DIFFERENT FUNK. worth the price of entry alone. a study session for MC’s mos def

get it

The Almighty’s Blessings

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