geek out!

bigger is better?

you can put me in the category of DS owners who on first hearing about the 3DS were baffled, annoyed, excited

then said to self “actually…no”

well months have gone by and while my own personal emotions haven’t changed much and with the console receiving varied successes across the globe, Nintendo have decided to do their usual thing and release another iteration of a handheld console. take a look at the 3DS XL

and the black version

it’s going to be available in various colours as you can see from this retail packaging

what do you think? I’ve seen a few web commentors noting the lack of a right circle button meaning that Nintendo really must be planning to release one of those add-ons? how big would that make it?!

still funnily enough, I’m actually excited by this and feel much more drawn to it than the original 3DS but let’s see what games are forthcoming as I still think the lack of horsepower still continues to really crippling this potential of this device. take a look at the comparison of the original 3DS to the 3DSXL


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