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The death of real operating systems, continued (and why I was wrong about Microsoft Surface)

the death of personal computing…what do you think?

The Almighty’s Blessings


Let’s start with the Jim Bakker “I was wrong” part first.

Last week, when rumors started flying that Microsoft was planning to release a tablet that it manufactured itself, I ventured the opinion that they would do no such thing. Why not? Because Microsoft, unlike Apple, depends upon relations with hardware suppliers. I figured that Microsoft would concentrate on getting the operating system right, and then would help Hewlett Packard, Dell, Asus, and the other hardware manufacturers to come up with the best tablets out there.

Then, on Monday afternoon (California time), Steve Ballmer began his presentation. I was monitoring it (via Ars Technica and Mashable), and once Ballmer started talking about Microsoft’s thirty years of hardware experience, I knew that my prediction was 100% incorrect.

I still have to see how the computer hardware manufacturers reacted to Microsoft’s announcement, but for now I want to concentrate on one aspect…

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2 thoughts on “The death of real operating systems, continued (and why I was wrong about Microsoft Surface)

    • no problem man. good read 🙂

      I was surprised but then…I was not after mulling on it for some time and of course picking through all the commentary on it :-). Microsoft feel unsettled by the strength and rise of their competitors but also their partners. This kind of sums my latter point up:
      It’s not just their lack of ‘faithfulness’ either but the probability that the devices that they would’ve been working on together are just not alluring enough to consumers when squared up to the competition. Yes this will affect relationships but I think they were already more strained than any of us may think

      this is a endgame fight and so endgame decisions need to be taken. it is all at stake

      The Almighty’s Blessings

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