Euro 2012 – Spain Reign Again

another good read by Rant

the paragraphs on the English national team touch on issues that seem to ignored ad infinitum here. ah well *Teiko shrug*

The Almighty’s Blessings


Yet another tournament, yet another win. Spain successfully defended their European Championship title whilst defending critics aiming boring Spain accusations at them. But this isn’t just about winning mere football matches and tournaments, this is all about a philosophy.

The tika taka style of football displayed by the Spanish team over the last 6 years fits perfectly into the Spanish lifestyle. From taking Siesta’s to Tapas we associate with Spain, the tika taka brand can now be added. Just as France showed previously, overhauling old ways and modernising the philosophy of football can lead to success. France modernised their football and their philosophy with centres such as Clairefontaine. They went on to win the World Cup and European Championships too.

Possession football is now king.

Spain demonstrate that perfectly. Keeping the ball, prodding, passing, looking, patient. When you have the ball, you can’t concede a goal. This has been built into the way they…

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