*UPDATED* London Pleasure Gardens – Ahead of Bloc Weekend 2012

UPDATE – 07/07/12

yes it’s true – Bloc, which was taking place on the 6th and 7th July at the aforementioned and linked London Pleasure Gardens has been cancelled. sounds pretty bad. imagine the size of the payouts to Snoop, the rest of the performers and the returned tickets?! this could be it for the organisers but who knows. go here and here for some reports

if you’re stuck for somewhere to go on the tonight (07/07/12) then I suggest you make it down to Butterz vs. Hardrive at Cable in Bermondsey. I’ve already posted about it so click here for more information

* UPDATE 11/07/12 *

Oh dear. what to say eh? As previously feared and hinted about above, the financial ramifications of this event have become the Iceberg to Bloc‘s Titanic (not a very good analogy I know). this is a sad day for Electronic Dance Music in the Uk. read more here

big up Terror all day: producer, songwriter, A&R, DJ, veteran, pioneer…and now writer. sometimes it’s hard not to get annoyed at some people lol

check this write-up from Mr. Danjah himself exploring the new Pleasure Gardens venue in East London. the history of the Pleasure Gardens is interesting and it is intriguing that they have resurrected it in time for the Olympics. take a look

The Almighty’s Blessings

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Terror Danjah

Ahead of the Bloc Weekend Festival, I went to the free grand opening of London’s new super music venue London Pleasure Gardens.

As I entered the venue, it was hard to believe I was in my home town borough of Newham in East London, the site feels like I was at Glastonbury but at the river side. LPG boasts a massive 20 acres and roughly a capacity of 27,000 people. I do recommend that you don’t wear your best creps (trainers lol) and carry a bandana or scarf because its very dusty, especially if the wind blows the dust in your face.

In the pic above, you can see the Dome in the distance.

In side the Dome the size of the arena feels like it has a capacity of roughly of 1000 people. the size is like the main room in most night clubs.

The Main stage…

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One thought on “*UPDATED* London Pleasure Gardens – Ahead of Bloc Weekend 2012

  1. All very true, yes DC are doing huge things for a scene that I pollenarsy feel is dead. However, Jammer was supposed to be doing a mixtape launch. Not one track was performed from his forthcoming release. I believe Merkle Man was more interested in his entrance (or one of the three)and ensuring his guestlist of +67 was in tact.Anyone with any sense would have used the opportunity as a showcase.As for NY, she sounds terrible live, and completely killed the intense hype in progress before her arrival on stage. You’re right about the Stageshow riddim and Temps…the most hype I’ve seen for a year.I just feel DC are clutching at straws. They’re increasingly trying to throw the scene a bone and have gone through the ‘grime roster’ to the point that they’ve come full circle and are booking people they were booking at the start. While the night has progressed immensly in this time, the scene and the artists have done nothing. Grime needs to fix-up look sharp. Which reminds me, don’t even try ans start on Dizzee (not you Clark, I mean the haters)…you will only dream of a world tour and 6,000 per show (his rumoured income).

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