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Sweden’s Anyfi turns any Wi-Fi network into a small cell

what a genius idea

I’m actually slightly surprised that this hasn’t been implemented by more networks. actually who am I kidding?

in fact, I’m not sure who would be best placed to actually bring this to market in the Uk. Virgin Media? Branson does like doing ‘new things’ after all

the closest I’ve seen to this in the Uk could possibly be the promise of free wi-fi within Central London for the upcoming Olympics powered by routers in bins, old phoneboxes and discarded chicken boxes. yes, the last point is semi serious

anyway…read on

The Almighty’s Blessings


Iliad’s Free Mobile is shaking up France’s wireless market with a cheap mobile data service that uses millions of residential broadband Wi-Fi access points to offload 3G traffic. Why haven’t more carriers followed Iliad’s lead? Most carriers don’t have the Iliad’s ingrained advantage: it manages both its customers’ handsets and their Wi-Fi routers.

For another mobile operator to replicate such a feat it would not only need to strike partnerships with a broadband provider or hotspot aggregator, but it would also need to implement special handset clients or wait for new technologies like Hotspot 2.0 and Next Generation Hotspot to wend their way into the market.

Swedish startup Anyfi Networks, however, has developed a technology that bypasses those steps, potentially turning any access point into an extension of a customer’s home wireless LAN. Anyfi’s technology breaks the tie between the physical radio and the Wi-Fi network, connecting your device…

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