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very interesting. this could go a couple of ways though. the obvious, the stupid, the apologetic but more interestingly the hidden

I would say watch it. make it a date: this Thursday the 5th on Channel 4

The Almighty’s Blessings

p,s I wonder how they will explain ‘fast twitch muscles’ and other natural bounties

p.p.s damn. just realised, I will have to get into pointless heated debates with people the next day. *sigh. hangs head*


Why is it that all the athletes that lined up for the men’s 100m final at the Beijing Olympics could trace their ancestry back to the trans-Atlantic slave trade?

In this landmark documentary, Olympian Michael Johnson embarks on a personal genealogical and scientific journey in a bid to understand if he and other world-class African American and Caribbean athletes are successful as a result of slavery.

Michael Johnson is a four-time Olympic gold medallist and the finest sprint athlete of his generation. In this remarkable authored film he discovers some disturbing truths about the lives of his enslaved ancestors.

From the mass murder of those on the slave ships to the nightmarish breeding programmes of the plantation owners, Johnson confronts this appalling history.

He speaks to leading voices in the world of sport and science to examine the link between the trans-Atlantic slave trade and genetic selection.

He investigates the…

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