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What Sony’s $380M purchase of Gaikai means for future gaming hardware

this is interesting. why?

well…as much as I am aware of the importance of The Cloud in terms of scalability regarding cost, audience and infrastructure it still seemed like somehing far off, something not as serious…yet

this purchase means that it is the real deal in terms of actually delivering a product. the article also goes into a bit of detail in how this may affect future products like a 4th generation Playstation. is the delivery infrastructure up to scratch though? here in the Uk, bandwidth is a joke with a majority of ISP’s

see what you think

The Almighty’s Blessings


Sony Computer Entertainment has been known for its iconic PlayStation hardware, including the PS3 console the PlayStation Portable, now called Vita. But does its future lie in proprietary hardware, or in a delivery platform that brings PlayStation games to any connected device? That’s one possible implication of a $380 million acquisition of Gaikai, a Silicon Valley provider of gaming delivered through the cloud.

Sony announced the news early this morning, saying it was planning on building a cloud service that provided users with new gaming experiences. There were rumors in May that Sony was interested in working with Gaikai or its rival OnLive. Last month, Fortune reported that Gaikai was looking to sell for $500 million. Now that Sony has followed through and bought Gaikai, it raises some interesting questions about what its hardware future looks like.

Initially, the cloud service could quickly be integrated into the PlayStation 3…

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