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New Console Coming To Challenge Wii U, PlayStation 4 And Next Xbox

hmmm. interesting potentially dangerous idea for the other already established players (no pun intended – promise) home gaming. again we see the near freemium model being used in conjunction with Android

but correct me if I’m wrong…is that not a blatant rip-off of the Xbox Dashboard aka Metro UI?

The Almighty’s Blessings

My Nintendo News

Details have emerged regarding a brand new home console titled Ouya. The system will retail for $99 and will run Google’s popular Android operating system. The console’s games will be entirely free to play, but supposedly they will feature in-game purchases. The console is being designed, worked on, and marketed, by an impressive array of people. One of the other intriguing aspects is the underlying hardware is ‘built to be hacked’—every customer who buys a retail box will get a dev kit in the bargain, claims the developers. We should hear more about this promising project in a few days.

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