spotlight: swindle

I first met Swindle back in the summer of 2007 while spending a day with Uk emcee NoLay. at the time, the two of them were slowly forging a musical partnership similar to say Ghetto / Ghetts and Lewi White, CL Smooth or Pete Rock, Bruza and Terror Danjah or Radiohead and Nigel Godrich: artist and producer paired in a creative alliance. while the fruits of these never truly ripened or ever actually saw the light of day, listening to the productions that he was excitedly playing (having been working on them the night before) struck my musical sensibilities with an excitement that I had not felt for a long time in regards to Grime. I thought to myself

who is this dude?

and while hurriedly introducing myself and blabbering nonsense it was then that I tagged him as

the Stevie Wonder of Grime

a generalised, slightly obvious, immature and hyperbolic statement, yes but that is exactly what came to mind when hearing this fusion of strong clavichords, swinging beats, melodic flourishes and grooving, moving bass lines. not pummelling like traditional Grime tracks but a look at the 140 template from a different angle

then he got on the keys in the studio melodically talk-boxing Ghetto‘s chorus and that sealed the deal. here’s some music from that period of time

a long time has passed since then and little did I know that what he was doing on the keys was also betraying a funk sensibility that would come to the fore in productions as of late. his latest single, Do The Jazz, released on premier Dubstep / Uk bass label Deep Medi, has on the flip a track grooving into places I can’t remember another Grime producer even approximating. this is If I Was A Superhero

his star is in ascension with tracks such as Air Miles, Ignition (ft. Footsie and Nadia Sulieman) and Mood Swings stretching far and wide: tearing down raves, support from DJ’s of a varied range and audiences new to what goes on here in England. with shows across the world, he has been able to proselytize Grime, Funk, Jazz and Soul far and wide. now working on an album, would it not be unfair but to expect further brilliance?

from his younger days

I caught up with Swin just before he was due to embark on a two week tour of Australia. he’s back now but…better late than ever eh :-)? in a fairly frank conversation, we spoke about the music of course but also about the pressure to conform, to belie self aswell as other things. it’s an interesting conversation and I recorded it for your listening pleasure. you can thank me later

it is totally safe for work and while I did aim for excellence, the overall sound levels etc may fall short. forgive me for that and I will do better in the future

by the way, entries in this series do not come by often so seize this opportunity and enjoy 🙂 !

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the new single.jpg

out now

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s I don’t usually ask but this time I would really appreciate some feedback on this entry, whether this hits the right spot, is not any good etc so please leave a comment below if you are able. You can post using Twitter credentials, Open ID or your Facebook account. thank you for your time

p.p.s all the music featured in the interview is 100% Swindle. if you want a tracklist then please leave a comment below 🙂


below is the streaming and download link of Swindle and Silkie’s set at Butterz vs. Hardrive on the weekend (as previously written about here: ). you can also download it also. a lot of notable tracks including that James Brown sampling Swindle intro that I just cannot get. out. of. my. head



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