butterz vs. hardrive: the 3peat


Notion, Mr. Mitch, D.O.K B2B with Spooky with Terror Danjah hosting, Preditah with Kozzie, Merky Ace and Terror Danjah hosting again, Champion with Serious One, Elijah and Skilliam with Trim, Swindle and Silkie with Terror Danjah (hosting again), Newham Generals with Chronik and DJ Tubby, Logan Sama, Terror Danjah with Riko, Skepta, JME and Shorty then to close Elijah and Skilliam with Skepta and JME

then Eilijah and Skilliam to close with about 10 minutes of R&B

wtf jus happened?

ok. let’s begin

the line at around about 11:45pm


the line-up. this was altered somewhat

Skilliam representing Butterz


Elijah representing Butterz


Terror Danjah representing Hardrive (I forgot to take a picture in the rave. too busy skanking in disbelief)


the rave (at a time I can’t remember)


people still do not want to leave during the R&B tracks. Boy Better Know just finished after returning for the 2nd time. no, they weren’t booked. complete random


capturing last minute memories at the end (6am)


at first, it was unsure if there would be audio. there will be (see below)

I will update this post as videos start to get uploaded. the cameramen are still sleeping lol

just caught the first Tube’s

The Lord helped me get home

The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s why were random (very polite, happy, smiling but random) people wanting to pose with me for pics? I’m in about 3, I think



video from the BM Soho inshore earlier on the 07/07/12 (before the Cable event)

group picture of the crowd at just gone 6am. I am actually in this pic. taken from Elijah‘s blog entry. see it here


brief picture of classic moment when Skepta and JME jumped in the booth with Terror. total one off. taken from George Quann-Barnett’s Lockerz profile. Follow George on Twitter here

taken from George Quann-Barnett's Lockerz page here: http://lockerz.com/s/223249575

taken from George Quann-Barnett’s Lockerz page here: http://lockerz.com/s/223249575


these are all the set download links that are available so far. more coming…





these are the only videos that have made it out of the night so far. there were many vlogger’s around so expect better footage to make itself known over the next few days

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