you seen it?

“it’s all about promoting a lifestyle you wish you could’ve lived?”

UPDATE 11 / 08 / 12

looks like we have an official video! support real music!


it seems these thoughts started from this

which led to this


Mystro aka 1/2 of Natural Born Spittaz. Digmund Freud or MysDiggi is one of my favourite rappers based in theUk. possibly one of my favourites regardless of region. full of humour, a sideways take on social commentary, punchlines and an always irreverent look at mainstream Hip-Hop, Mys has also been a Uk Hip-Hop stalwart with releases such as Music Mystro and You Know Who You Are released on foundation labels such as Deal Real or LowLife

I don’t think I’ve ever seen him this lyrically p***** before


so what was the tipping point? that one-time witnessing a step too far in what is regarding asHip-Hop on the TV? perhaps it was him seeing the lamest of the lame being co-signed by someone he once respected? fellow Uk underground heads waving white flags against current trends? the overuse, abuse and the damn right untruth of the word ‘swagger’?! whatever it was I’m kind of glad it ‘rattled his cage’ so to speak. as an interlude on Diggi Down Under (released in 2009, it was an album created with 100% Australian producers and mc’s) proved

you never disturb a spitta in it’s natural habitat

look what happens otherwise


the floodgates of major influence continue to be open towards all manner of artistically suspect trends and lyrical homogenisation so it’s only natural that those that are dedicated to the ’cause’ and not the ‘game’ are further enraged and speak out. this is a good thing


consider my interest and ears still piqued for the upcoming release of the long promised and awaited Mystrogen album. maybe you should get to know too


The Almighty’s Blessings

p.s if you still doubt the lyrical chops of Mys…this is for you

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