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The reunification of Africans as a people

sometime ago (possibly 2010), I attended the conference that was the pre-cursor to the Tripoli conference briefly mentioned in this read. that conference was funded or put on by the office of Colonel Qadaffi

we all know about his negative side but I respect any efforts to unify and consolidate the various elements of the African diaspora. Professor Gus John seems to be on the same path and may the Ancestors guide him on this journey – perilous and fraught it is but never NEVER impossible

read more from Brother Ambrose as he attends a conference proposing a Uk chapter of the Global African Diaspora Initiative as discussed in Azania (South Africa) in May 2012

The Almighty’s Blessings

Rising Continent

Friday July 6th, in London, I attended a conference themed ‘Ensuring the democratic participation of UK Africans in the African Union.

The guest speaker was Professor Gus John, who is also Chair Equality, Diversity and Social Mobility Group for Legal Education and Training Review [LETR].

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